Monday, March 28, 2005

Okay --- Now I'm REALLY Warm

Traveling has been an adventure since Saturday. Due to major flight delays and a detour to Beaumont, Texas to refuel the plane, I literally missed the boat (the Carnival Imagination) in Cozumel. I spent the night in Houston courtesy of Continental Airlines.

On Sunday I flew to Miami, spent the night and flew out today (Monday) to meet the Carnival Valor in Nassau. I arrived. My bag didn't. On a direct flight from Miami to Nassua, American Airlines lost my bag. Well, they didn't so much lose my bag as they decided not to put it on the plane in the first place. Some gobbledy gook about weight restrictions. I'm not heavy, but my clothes however are another story.

American Airlines can get my bag back to me at my next port. Great! Which will be Wednesday in St. Thomas. Not so great. Two days and three shows with no clothes. Can you feel my joy? This is the oh so glamorous side of traveling.

I'm not normally a vengeful woman, but this is a frequent flier's nightmare. Too bad I packed my voodoo doll in the missing bag, or there'd be a tortured and screaming bag handler in Miami.

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