Friday, March 25, 2005

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Warm

Spring officially began on Sunday.
It snowed on Wednesday.
Thursday I was on a plane to the Bahamas.

A very happy coincidence. I flew down to Nassau to being another round of shows for Carnival Cruise Lines. This job definitely has it's perks.

Apparently, in the Northeast, Winter is not going out without a fight. On myway to the Comic Strip Wednesday night, I trudged through the cold, slushy streets carrying an umbrella that the wind blew inside out at least four times. And this was no $3-on-the-street special. No. This was my good umbrella. Let the wind steal my king size, push button Totes? I think not!

After that, it was a true pleasure to step off the plane in Nassau. Ahh, to be warm again. I'll take sun and warmth over cold and snow, any day. Now, if I could be warm and home at the same time. Is it Summer yet? I want Spring to take on Old Man Winter head to head and send it packing like the Ground Hog predicted.

Note to self: Fire the Ground Hog.


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