Thursday, March 31, 2005

Oh Yeah..... Happy Easter

In all my travel adventures over the past week, I completely forgot to wish everybody a happy and healthy Easter!

I guess I wasn't really in the Easter spirit since the Palm Sunday incident. What Palm Sunday incident you ask? Well let me tell you:

Every year my Mom goes to church on Palm Sunday and brings home a plethora of palms. She shares them with neighbors who are unable to go to church, and she brings me some too. (I'm able to go to Church, I just don't). We strategically place them around the house for good luck.

Not this year.

There's a new pastor in town who must be part priest, part efficiency expert. This year the palm buffet was closed. No more, "all the palms you can carry." Instead, the palms were parceled out. My Mom came home with barely a handful; a pittance. A palm paucity!

I know the church is trying to save money, but was there a big mark up on palms this year? First milk, then gas and now palms? Perhaps that's what I get for not reading the CNN news ticker.

On deeper reflection, I think this is just a shrewd plan to boost church attendance. With the demise of the palm home delivery service, I'll have to get up, go to church and get my own palms.

Nah, I'll just dust off last year's.

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