Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Key Still Works in Savannah!

This past Wednesday found me in one of my favorite cities, Savannah, GA. I’ve performed in Savannah many times, and on one trip was presented with a key to the city. Thankfully they haven’t changed the locks!

On this visit I performed once again at Armstrong Atlantic State University. I first performed at Armstrong many years ago; vanity prevents me from remembering exactly how many. Back then, Armstrong was a two year school. The show was held at noon in the cafeteria, and I performed for a group of predominantly male students who, I think, were hoping for a different show. Many of them seemed deeply confused that a woman was standing in front of them, fully clothed.

Armstrong is now a full four-year university, with a 70% female student population. The early evening show had a very enthusiastic and receptive audience. All of us enjoyed ourselves! Afterwards we (me and members of the Campus Activities Board) dined sumptuously at The Outback Steakhouse!

Bonus: After the show, I met a woman who had first seen me perform at the now closed Comedy House in Savannah six years ago on her 18th birthday! When she found out – from her younger sister, and Armstrong’s Student Government President – that I would be performing at the school, she decided she had to come and see me again! How cool is that?

Nice to know the key to the city still works.

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