Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Last Black Hawk ... Or So We Thought

We performed at our last base in Iraq - Al Asad - and will turn to Kuwait soon. It's amazing how fast one can get used to jetting to and from work in a Black Hawk. We logged a lot of hours in the air today and were all looking forward to getting back to home base. Unfortunately, instead of being on a direct flight we ended up on a local. A one hour flight turned into two and a half with extra stops for people, cargo and ultimately a sooner than expected return to Al Asad!

Don't get me wrong, travel by Black Hawk is way cool but coats, gloves, body armor, hats and helmets were not enough to keep out the bitter cold. (No heat and the windows up front are left open for the gunners.) I hope to someday tell this amazing adventure story to my grand kids, so I really hope my eggs thaw out.

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