Monday, February 8, 2010

America Runs On Dunkin...

But Baghdad Doesn't

Starbucks and Greenbeen clearly dominate the coffee market here in the Middle East. Dunkin Donuts is non-existent. That's why Mark Riccadona and I, major fans of the Double D, were so geeked when he sniffed out an imported bag at Falcon.

The plan for when I return home: Hug my Husband, pet my Dog, drink some coffee and not necessarily in that order. (Actually, Honey, if you're reading this: Major points if you pick me up from the airport with a Medium, light and sweet, in hand. 'm just saying.)

Leighann Lord is a standup comedian. January 31 - February 9 she'll be performing for the troops in the Middle East through Armed Forces Entertainment. Check out her other upcoming shows @ Join her on FaceBook. Follow her on Twitter.

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