Monday, June 8, 2009

A Funny Feeling

© 2009 Leighann Lord

I heard a noise today in my kitchen and walked in to find that a friend’s magnetic framed wedding photo had fallen off my refrigerator and onto the floor. For most people, a fallen frame would simply mean it was time to go to Bed Bath & Beyond and buy a new one, but I am of Carribean descent. Something like this is "A Sign."

I have a multitasking refrigerator. Its main purpose may be food storage, but the outside serves as a 3D bulletin board. On the freezer door are magnets of all the states I’ve traveled to. So far I’m only missing Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Kentucky. The magnets are state shaped and generally proportional, except for Delaware. For whatever reason, the Delaware magnet looms larger than New Jersey, New York and Maryland, perhaps letting its First State status go to its head.

My refrigerator is also a repository of favorite photos: my oldest niece as a toddler; my husband as a bow tie clad fourth grader, my parents on the day of their 50th wedding anniversary. I’ve also got a gallery of friends’ wedding photos, surrounded by baby pictures of their kids, and their annual family photo Christmas cards. It’s cluttered but I love it.

When I saw my friend’s wedding picture on the floor, I was surprised how quickly and easily I turned into my mother and grandmother seeing this as "A Sign"; truly wondering if my friend and her husband were okay. My Mom’s family is from Jamaica; my Dad’s family is from Barbados & Trinidad, but I’m second generation American. With no known family left in the Islands my occasional visits have been solely as a tourist.

I may not speak with an accent or know how to cook with curry, but clearly other less tangible values have seeped in. Along with an absurdly strong work ethic, Carribean culture knows the value of intuition. When you get "a funny feeling ‘bout sumtin’" you need to trust it.

Logic said, "The magnet’s just losing it’s grip."

Intuition said, "Something’s wrong. Call your friend."

Logic said, "This was a random event. Any picture could have fallen off the fridge."

But Intuition said, "Why ‘that’ picture? Why right now? There are no coincidences. Call her."

I settled on sending an email. I felt incredibly foolish while typing it and like a complete loon for sending it. But I figured she of all people would understand since her family is Carribean too. She did. I was surprised how quickly she emailed me back. Although slightly weirded out her response was neither derisive nor mocking.

She was actually touched that I would be so concerned and thanked me for reaching out – no matter the motivation. "West Indian Culture runes deep and is powerful," she said. She assured me that she and her hubby (also from the Carribean) were fine. They had, however, hit a bit of an economic rough patch. Understandable with a kid in college, a mortgage and car notes in the midst of a recession. No Carribean flavored psychic ability required there.

I was grateful that she understood, and relieved that she and her family were okay. Superstition satisfied, intuition itch scratched, I’m off to Bed Bath & Beyond for new frig frames. I have a funny feeling they might be on sale.

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NAVORN said...

Great blog, hon! Believe me, I know how you feel; the Southern intuition isn't much different from the Caribbean intuition. To this day, every time I dream about someone combing their hair, I start calling around to make sure all my friends are still alive!

Leighann Lord said...

Thanks Navorn! Combing hair? Wow, that's deep!

Anonymous said...

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