Monday, March 31, 2008

Guess Who I Saw Today, My Dear?

© 2008 Leighann Lord

So I'm walking west on 19th Street when a police car glides by, lights blazing. Directly behind it is another police car, two black Suburban's and third police car bringing up the rear. Another big muckety muck dignitary being escorted around town; not unusual in New York City. No big deal until a casual glance to my left revealed who the muck was. Sitting in the rear passenger seat of the first Suburban was a Democratic Presidential Candidate, and I thought to myself, "Oh my god! That's the right side of Senator Barack Obama's head!"

I'm usually not the star struck type, but I'd be lying if I said a big old cheesy grin didn't instantly erupt on my face. It was then I recalled the morning news reports that Barack would be in town delivering a speech on economics at Cooper Union. There was some speculation that Mayor Michael Bloomberg might finally endorse him given how chummy they've been, but so far no.

The enthusiastic fan in me is responsible for what almost happened next. I was seized with urge to run up to the car window, and say, "Hi, Mr. Obama! I love your message! I think you're great! I've been meaning to Pay Pal you a couple of dollars, but money's been tight. Good luck!" No matter how well intentioned the sentiment, this action is unwise and would not have ended well.

Getting simultaneously gunned down by the New York City Police Department and the United States Secret Service is not how I want to get famous. So giving Mr. Obama an enthusiastic thumbs up, from a respectable, out of shooting range distance? "Yes we can."

But running up to his heavily guarded motorcade? No we can't.

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