Friday, February 22, 2008

Mrs. McCain Cancels Her Subscription to The New York Times

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I’m not a big Republican supporter, but even I can acknowledge that The New York Times story about John McCain’s alleged relationship with lobbyist Vickey Iseman during his 2000 presidential bid was a pretty low blow; stunning in it’s lack of relevance. Eight years later? That's quite the scoop.

In the post Jason Blair era, is The New York Times trying to remake itself in the image of a British tabloid? If so they missed some very noteworthy points. First, it’s clear that Senator McCain has a type: mature Barbie doll.

Are there no sexy African American or Latina lobbyists on The Hill? An Asian lobbyist is out of the question for obvious reasons, but at least the man is consistent. That’s a quality one likes to see in a president. (The disparity between Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton always made me a little uncomfortable.)

The biggest positive angle The New York Times missed? A Republican gigolo! We haven’t seen a Republican with real charisma since Ronald Reagan. He had a way with words and full head of hair. America was in love.

Long the domain of the Democrats, is a national stage Republican finally getting his mack on? Has McCain got game? Well, it’s about time. Go ‘head player. Way to represent.

If McCain wins, bottle blonds: start your engines. Blue dress optional.
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