Sunday, December 11, 2005

Good Night Mr. Pryor

Richard Pryor, the original King of Comedy, passed away on Saturday, December 10th, and our hearts go out to his family. My husband Jim said it best:

No words can convey the sorrow that we all share at the passing of one of the true artists of the stand-up stage, Richard Pryor. Pryor is the most idolized, imitated, and plagiarized comic of all time. He was perhaps the first comic to use his private pain for comedic effect, and by doing so showed the generations of comics that have come after him a new way of being funny -- that is being real. He remains the bar by which all other comics measure their artistry. This is a true loss for all who cherish laughter. Richard Pryor will always be remembered, and forever be missed, by those who were touched by his laughter.
--- Jim

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