Saturday, April 9, 2005

Hey Baby, What's Your Tree?

On Thursday I performed at Café 7, a wonderful little coffee shop in uptown Manhattan that does a weekly Comedy and Poetry show (Show Schedule). It’s a great place to try new material in a cozy and supportive environment.

When I walked in, the emcee, Kim, asked me when my birthday is (September 2nd). I thought, ‘Hey, more presents? Cool.’ But alas, no. Very cleverly, Kim told me that akin to zodiac signs, birthdays correspond with what kind of tree you are. So I was introduced on stage as being a pine tree. And I quote (with commentary):

"Pine Tree: The Particular. Loves agreeable company (who doesn’t), very robust (I guess like steak sauce); knows how to make life comfortable, very active, natural, good companion, (I try) but seldom friendly (let’s keep that our little secret). Falls easily in love (sigh) but it’s passion burns out quickly (double sigh). Gives up easily (only when things are hard, inconvenient or uncomfortable). Everything disappoints until it finds the ideal, trustworthy, practical. (It’s not easy being a perfectionist.)"

This is, without a doubt, the most creative introduction I’ve ever had. I kinda dig it. Pine trees are tall, elegant and smell good. Who needs tv credits?


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Alan said...

The tree introduction sounds absolutely facinating from the standpoint of being both amazingly, beautifully earthy, and totally insane all at the same time. This post has caused me to wonder what kind of tree I am. I secretly hope I am a Bonsai tree. They are interesting, very cute, and in line for tons of money in residuals from all three Karate Kid movies. "If I were a rich tree la da di da di da di da de da doo..."