Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ah, Spring...

Yes, I've been a little lax in my posting. Spring is in the air, a new Pope is on the thrown and I've just been out enjoying this run of fabulously warm weather we've been having.

I was hoping an American would ascend to the papacy, but with all the scandals it's far more likely they'd choose the Dali Lama, with the Ayatollah as back up.

But Pope Benedict the 16th is 78 years old. Something tells me we may be getting a new pope before the decade is out.

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Alan said...

I know this is going to sound somewhat controversial, but I didn't want an American to ascend to the Papacy. I wanted Francis Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria. Imagine the look on all those countless thousands gathered at the Sistine Chapel when the white smoke billows and the bells ring and out walks from the conclave; the first black pope. I would give 5 years of my life to witness that collective Plotz.

I think a black pope would be fantastic for the church. In my life I have gone weeks and months at a time not knowing where John Paul was...there is absolutely no way a single step a black pope makes won't be covered by a throng of media. "Black Pope goes to the dentist!" "Black Pope spotted in garden!" "Black Pope seen punching Dr. Dre at Source awards!" This would be great exposure for the church...there is no such thing as bad press. Look at what having a black secretary general of the UN has done for them...they are in the papers every day. You can't buy that kind of publicity...well you can, but you have to have your son make shady side oil deals with ruthless Arab dictators, and seriously I don't think the good Cardinal has procreated so we are safe...

The only draw back I see for the church is the molestation situation. The media is trained on this like a laser beam right now, you can't touch a boy without a flashbulb going off and Peter Jennings coughing in the background...but I think a black pope might distract the collective eye of the world from the young boys, and with every puff of smoke they were quaking in their frocks.

While I am seriously disappointed in the choice of a former member of the Hitler youth and (deserted) Nazi soldier over a capable and qualified Black man, the alter boys of the world breathe a collective sigh of relief while continuing to sleep with one eye open.