Friday, February 25, 2005

Only A Fool.....

Only a fool would go out on a night like this. Guess who the fool is? I'll give you hint: third name from the bottom on the sandwich board.

In my "Little Red Riding Hood Meets Nanook of the North*" Coat, I went into the city to do a show at the Laugh Lounge. It was a comedy variety show raising money to produce the sketch film, Infinite Monkey, written by Jim Mendrinos.

Despite the freezing temperature (23 degrees, real feel 14), and a continuous snow fall (three to six inches), the audience came out and packed the house. With the exception of some brief and borderline bitter banter with a late arriving audience member the show was worth the perilous drive in.
Who am I kidding? I only did it to show off the coat.

* Nanook of the North refers to Robert Flaherty’s 1922 silent film documenting the lives of Eskimos in Canada.

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