Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Urban Erma Posts of 2012

It’s the end of the world… I mean… the end of the year and I just want to say thank you to all the fans of The Urban Erma. Whether you’re a reader the blog, a listener to the podcast (or as I prefer to call it: the blogcast), a watcher of the new the video edition or all of the above, thank you so much! I really appreciate your support.

The Urban Erma has really grown over the years not only as a standalone blog, but as one of the featured columns on The blog has been a wonderful outlet for my creativity and as a way to preserve my sanity. This year I’ve had 38 therapy sessions … I mean … I’ve written and recorded 38 blog posts. I’ve narrowed them down and put together a collection of The Best Urban Erma posts of 2012 titled: Sometimes I wish FaceBookhad a Hate Button. It’s available as a free PDF download. My tangible way of saying, thank you for enjoying my work.

The stories in this year’s collection are:

All Men Would be Klingons: This blog post came out of the very simple question: if you could be any alien from Star Trek, which one would you be? I found that most guys want to be Klingons. I, of course, want to be a Vulcan.  Want to know why? Read the blog.

Drug Test Wakeup Call: While working on a cruise ship, I was awoken out of a sound sleep to do a random drug test. Guess who wasn’t happy?

The Geometry of Love and Comedy: A compliment about a joke sparked a fun post-show conversation at James Madison University and led to this post about the anatomy of joke and why I almost threw it away.

But I Don’t Want to Be a Stripper: I went shoe shopping and found out that high heels are not for the shy and uncoordinated.

Who Am I? DNA Don’t Lie: After years of putting it off I finally sent in a cheek swab to to find out how much more of my life I can blame on genetics.

Price Match Death Match: I should know better than to go shopping at Best Buy but I’m a glutton for punishment. But as always, I get a good blog post out of it.

Sometimes I Wish FaceBook Had Hate Button: This is the title piece of the collection, and I think it echoes the sentiments of many FaceBook users. Social media brings up a lot of awkward questions like: What do you do when someone from your past who you don’t like friends you? It’s moments like that, that make you indeed wish that FaceBook had hate button.

Browbeating: Coming in Hot, Fast and Mad: I get my eyebrows threaded and this is delicate work. You don’t someone that close to your eyes to be in a bad mood, but it happens. And what do you do when it does?

Peeing Standing up: A Four-Year-Old’s Failed Experiment: This is a story that I wanted to write for a long time. I was that four-year old. And, yes I really did try to pee standing up. I didn’t succeed but the attempt was funny as hell. Well, it’s funny in retrospect.

One of Those Days: This might be my favorite blog post of the year. I just had one of those days where everything went wrong. It was the kind of bad day that if you saw it in a movie you’d say, “Oh that would never happen.” But it did. So I wrote it and you get to laugh at it, laugh at me and I hope it never happens to you.

Does T-Mobile Hate Old People?: What happens when a corporation buts heads with a retired old black man who’s got nothing but time on his hands to fight the good fight? That man is, of course, my Dad. And he is my customer service super hero. What can I say? He is legend, probably because I keep writing about his hilarious run-ins with Robber Barons.

So that is my list of The Best Urban Erma posts of 2012. If one of your favorites didn’t make the list, by all means let me know. If you haven’t already, I ask to you to please subscribe to the blog, download the free podcast on iTunes and leave a glowing review, and you can now subscribe to my YouTube channel to enjoy the video edition. Woo Hoo!

Thanks again for reading, listening, and watching. The Urban Erma will be back in 2013 with more blogs, blogcasts, and videos!           

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