Friday, August 6, 2010

The Sisters of Schinnen

© 2010 Leighann Lord

One might get the impression that I travel around the world not to do stand-up comedy, but to meet and be photographed with adorable dogs. Alas, that’s just an extremely cool bonus. I was on tour to entertain military personnel stationed in Europe. The folks at USAG Schinnen set the bar pretty high, not just with Jazzebelle, but with their warm and generous hospitality. On our first night, MWR Host Melissa made us two huge pans of delicious lasagna.

We devoured the first and put the second in the refrigerator on our tour bus. Oh, did I mention we had a tour bus? Just when I thought the military couldn’t top travel by Black Hawk helicopter, they broke out a tour bus for us to roam around Europe in. My diary entry for that day: “I feel like a rock star!”

he bus had four beds, one bath, refrigerator, sink, comfy seats, a couch and a driver; a young man with from East Germany with blond dread locks named, Ricko. While not hard on the eyes, Ricko strongly favored one of the bad guys in “Taken.”

Our first show was a blast. It was my honor and delight to meet the two folks in command (at the time) at Schinnen: Lt. Colonel Fern Sumpter and her right hand, Command Sargent Major Mary Brown. I am in awe of military women. I feel a kinship with women who choose to work in a male dominated arena. I would’ve loved to have talked to them about their careers and the challenges they faced rising through the ranks, but I contented myself with making sure I got a photo. There’s just something about a woman who knows her way around an M16.

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