Monday, February 23, 2009

Mayors To Get Called Out

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"President Barack Obama warned the nation's mayors on Friday that he will ‘call them out’ if they waste the money from his massive economic stimulus plan." I think the President’s idealism has finally gone too far. You gotta leave some room for waste. What’s a political financial plan without a little mismanagement, graft and theft? The retail industry calls it shrinkage.

President Obama warned the Mayors that America is watching. The American people want and deserve transparency. Transparency is nice. Receipts are better. "You spent how much? I can get that cheaper. I got a guy."

The problem is waste is subjective. My Husband looks in my closet, sees five black handbags and thinks it’s wasteful; handbags to nowhere. I see five different bags that are used for five very different occasions; complete on the ground functionality. Money well spent.

What’s truly important here is that President Obama is using the good old fashion power of shame. If we’re lucky, this concept will cross over to reality TV programming. (Who’s the idealist now?) He will "call them out." And for the record, getting "called out" is not a good thing. Shout out: good; call out: bad.

Our current financial crisis has brought us a lot of outages, so let’s review:

Free Marketeers wanted the Government to butt out, until they found out they were down and out. Then they asked for a bail out, essentially demanding the government put out. Everyday people feel the fall out. Foreclosures make it hard to hold out. Banks take tax dollars and still tell home owners to get out. States need help to pull it out. The President spoke out and spelled it out: "Do it right or you’ll get called out." The time has come to work it out. Peace Out.

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