Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Is Jesse Jackson Talking?

© 2008 Leighann Lord

Can someone please tell me why Jesse Jackson is talking? Better yet, can someone please ask him to stop? He accused Barack Obama of talking down to Black people. Really? I must have missed that speech. I've called a few friends, sent a few emails and it seems the Black people I know don't feel talked down to at all. In fact we feel rather giddy and uplifted; which begs the question: Is Jesse jealous?

And I know there are times when gathered amongst themselves men might speak a bit crudely to and about each other, but publicly threatening the nether regions of the man who might be the next President of the United States is no way to secure a possible place in the new administration.

Not only is Jesse Jackson talking, he's talking on FOX News. Is anybody buying the excuse that he didn't know the mic was on, or as we say in the business, "hot?" Jesse Jackson is an international media savvy figure. If he didn't know, it's time to retire. If he forgot, it's time to retire. If he knew, and did it on purpose, it's time to retire. But then again, he can't afford to retire; not with a second extramarital family to support.

Between this and the ill timed comments of Reverend Wright I am worried. What other old Black men will feel strangely compelled to say uncomfortably inappropriate things about Barack Obama? Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Darth Vader? "Obama accused of having ties to The Dark Side; News at 11!"

Will Frederick Douglas, the 19th century E.F. Hutton, put in a word from the Great Beyond?

As the election approaches we need to circle the wagons, put all the eggs in the basket, and keep our collective eyes on the prize. We each have to do our part. I think Jesse’s part will be to please stop talking.

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