Monday, May 14, 2007

Sometimes Justice is Swift and Sweet

I was sitting too long at a stop sign, or so thought the man in the giant SUV behind me, when he honked, whipped around me and gunned his gas guzzling chariot through the intersection. Ug! Where's a cop when you need one? At the next stop sign Rude SUV Guy sailed through. Yes! Lights flashing, the cops pulled him over and I was unabashedly thrilled. As I drove by, I slowed down so I could flash a smile at Rude SUV Guy that said, "I guess you're not in a hurry now are you, Sweetie Cheeks."

Unfortunately Rude SUV Guy didn't notice me and my gloating grin. He was too busy digging through his wallet for his license and registration. I was very tempted to stop and ask the officer if he needed a witness to SUV Guy's vehicular misdeeds, but I didn't want ruin the moment. In retrospect I should have tooted my horn and waved.

Petty though it may be, I love when reckless drivers get their comeuppance. It's like when I'm sitting in traffic and I see a driver zooming down the shoulder of the road, like he's the only one in a hurry. Clearly the rest of us love being bumper to bumper. But nothing warms my heart more than seeing that same driver pulled up short behind a police car that’s waiting a mile or so down the road like a patient spider for a speeding fly.

In my fantasy Rude SUV Guy's license gets suspended and his tank is impounded. Forced to traverse the city streets as a pedestrian, he learns the vital importance of a stop sign. But I'll settle for hoping that a big fat ticket will slow him down.

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