Friday, April 13, 2007

Mid-Week Post: I Guess I Gotta Talk About Imus... Well, If I Must...

I'm not a women's college basketball fan. I have nothing against basketball in particular, but sports in general does not hold my interest. Whether it be men or women, college or pro. I just don't dig it.

I'm not a fan of Don Imus either. I have nothing against Imus personally, but from what I understand his show is on WFAN, a sports radio station, which I don't listen to on account of me not being a sports fan.

This week, two things that hold no interest for me are commanding the headlines and because this story involves other woman of color I'm expected to have an opinion. Actually most people assume they know what my opinion is. They envision me balancing a hectic schedule of firing off any angry emails and going to revival tent like protest rallies.

Well, for the record here's how I feel:

The Ladies of the Rutgers Basketball Team are not special. Over the years Don Imus has said nasty and inflammatory things about everybody. This is not news to his producers, the stations that carry his show, his fans or his sponsors. As a matter of fact the more outrageous the better; the better the ratings, the better the sales. Imus's callous character has made a lot of people, including himself a lot of money. For them to take the "high road" now is disingenuous. I am not fooled. These are probably the same people who in the past made money off Bob Grant and continue to support the likes of Howard Stern.

I am also amazed at how many people have inserted themselves in between the offender and the offendees. Should we not be asking and supporting whatever remedy the Ladies of the Rutgers Basketball Team want? I am leery of those who ask for tolerance, but give none; who preach forgiveness, but don't practice it. I think the Women of Rutgers are more than capable of speaking for themselves.

Yes, Don Imus made a big mistake. And clearly that mistake was not leaving the act of disrespecting Black Women to the professionals. Rap music, videos and culture have made misogyny into a multi-billion dollar industry. Although truth be told most videos seem to prefer permed hos; nappies need not apply. Maybe if Imus had crafted his ignorant comments into a track with a banging beat, no one would have noticed. All sins are forgiven if you can dance to it, right?

What is truly puzzling to me in all of this, is that it seems that Don Imus learned nothing from the Michael Richards episode. Perhaps now in their mutual unemployment, they’ll have time to commiserate.

But on the bright side, and yes there is one: This ugly episode has pushed Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy drama off the front page; at least for a minute.

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