Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Drama Mamas!

A perk of working in the entertainment field is getting to be around some very creative and talented people, who do amazing work. One of these amazing and talented friends, Passion, has just launched the new website for her documentary Drama Mamas!

"DRAMA MAMAS is a feature length documentary film conceived to examine the world of women at the helm of dramatic presentations. Women who push the proverbial envelope, 'hit it upside the head,' rip it to shreds and use the fragments to construct worlds that recall, illuminate, indict or beatify the human experience; as interpreted through 'herstory' with an African-identified virtuosity."

"For more than a generation, Black Women Directors have been a force in American Theatre and American Life. Their art has shaped our thoughts and our world through their vision, politics and very survival in an industry that hesitates to recognize their immense contribution. It is long past their time to be properly applauded."

As if this weren't amazing enough, they are trying to shoot and raise money at the same time! To get more information and to contribute to this incredible project please go to www.dramamamasthefilm.org.

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