Friday, January 21, 2005

And A Time to Laugh!

It was clearly a time to laugh on Friday, January 21, when I received a standing ovation at The Women's Day Comedy Dinner sponsored by Mount Jezreel Baptist Church in Silver Spring, MD.

The evening also featured the incredible poetry of Renee Gardner and the amazing music of gospel group Anaiah! (I, who can't carry a tune with a forklift, listened in awe as these women sang with nothing less than the voices of angels!)

The event was superbly hosted by Mount Jezreel's own Ms. Kerry Parker, who's immense spirit, effervescent personality and great sense of humor set the tone for a wonderful evening. (I don't know what Kerry does for a living, but I think she'd do quite well if she ever decided to take the stage as a standup comedian.)

This kick off event raised $1,000, which will go to local women's shelter.

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